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"DETEST" scientific production association


All works are carried out on the modern automated equipment designed by Schlumberger, S.E.T and other brands.

There is a number of high-precision devices (oscillographs, voltmeters, generators, etc.), connecting to the measuring gear using the external interface.


Our outfit allows to measure integrated schemes with the following key parameters:

- Number of outputs - to 64;

- Frequency of the functional control LSI - to 20 MHz;

- Direct currents - 1nА... 400mА;

- Constant pressure - 1mV... 50V;

- Time parameters - 1ns... 1s.

Use of external programmed devices allows essential expanding the nomenclature and a range of the measured parameters.

For measurement integrated microcircuits parameters as a part of plates are used automatic probe machines TS2500. They allow determining plates in diameter to 150 mm together with a tester in automatic mode.


There is a programmed chamber of heat-cold МS81("Tabai", Japan) and the automatic test-machine «Thermonics T-2820» to make temperature tests, electro-thermal-training , thermo blow and so forth.

Range of working temperatures –85 … +180 C.

"DETEST" scientific production association. Metrological items maintenance, integrated microcircuits and other electronic components manufacturing. Russia, Moscow.