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"DETEST" scientific production association


Research-and-production firm "DETEST" suggests to perform following works for your enterprise:

1. Control of wide class electric parameters of digital integrated microcircuits of (microprocessors and microcontrollers, schemes of irregular logic, the scheme of memory, etc.).

2. Programming and control of any types ROM.

3. Control of electric parameters of analogue integrated microcircuits of a wide class (digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital, operational amplifiers and comparators, coders - decoders, power supplies, radio television schemes, etc.).

4. Control of electric parameters and diagnostics of printing units, blocks, sub blocks collected on digital and analogue IC.

5. Software development, working out and manufacturing of all necessary equipment (connecting adapters, cables, tests-cards for probe measurements on a plate, etc.).

Control IC is spent as for schemes in cases (technological container-companion), and as a part of plates.

6. At measurements again developed IC there is a possibility to connect (by means of the micromanipulator) to any point of the investigated scheme for detection and localization of the errors admitted by working out and manufacturing of a microcircuit.

For installation of entrance control IC there is a library of programs of the most popular TTL and CMOS IC (series 155, 564; 140, 572, etc.).

"DETEST" scientific production association. Metrological items maintenance, integrated microcircuits and other electronic components manufacturing. Russia, Moscow.